Rick Honaker


Teaching Interests and Specialties

Coal Preparation, Mineral Processing, Advanced Physical Processing, Fine Particle Processing, Automation and Control, Applied Surface Chemistry, General Mining Engineering

Courses Taught

Principles of Mining Engineering, Underground Mine Systems Design, Minerals and Coal Processing,  Mine Ventilation Systems Design, Operations Research and Computers in Mine Design, Mine Health & Safety, Physical Coal Processing, Fine Coal Beneficiation, Coal Processing Plant Design, Simulation of Mineral,rocessing Circuits, Advanced Mineral Processing, Professional Development of Mining Engineers, Mine Surveying, Advanced Froth Flotation, Mineral Processing Plant Design, Materials Handling System Design

Chairman on Graduate Committees

Twenty-one (21) M. S. Graduates:

  1. Manoj K. Mohanty, 1993, Thesis Topic: “Coal Maceral Separations using Froth Flotation,” Current Position: Tenured Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University.
  2. Augustina Kashagili, 1994, Thesis Topic, “A Feasibility Study of Using Froth Flotation for the Treatment of Gondwana Coals from Tanzania,” Current Position: Director of Minerals Beneficiation, Bureau of Mines and Minerals, Tanzania.
  3. Sauvik Ghosh, 1995, Thesis Topic: “Application of the Jameson Cell for Cleaning Eastern U.S. Coals,” Current Position: Accountant, Chicago-based firm.
  4. Xiaotong Zhou (1996), Thesis Topic: “Evaluation of the Altair Enhanced Gravity Concentrator,” Current Position: Software Engineer.
  5. Kanchan Mondal, 1997, Thesis Topic: “A Dynamic Population Balance Model for a Hindered Bed Classifier,” Current Position: Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Southern Illinois University.
  6. Amit Patwardhan, 1998, Thesis Topic: “Optimization of Coal Processing Plants and Economics of Advanced Fine Particle Cleaning,” Current Position: Process Engineer, Rio Tinto.
  7. Nisheeth Singh, 1999, Thesis Topic: “An Evaluation of a Novel Dense Medium Enhanced Gravity Concentrator for Fine Particle Separations,” Current Position: Industrial Management Ph.D. candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  8. Manish Jain, 2003, Thesis Topic: “Optimized Spiral Separation Performance as a Flotation Alternative,” Current Position: Project Engineer, Iron Ore Company of India, Ltd.
  9. Francis Boaten, 2006, Thesis Topic: “Improved Ultrafine Coal Classification Performance,” Current Position: Plant Superintendent, Patriot Coal.
  10. Mehmet Saracoglu, 2007, Thesis Topic: “Improved Mining Economics using Near-Face Pneumatic Separators,” Current Position: Ph.D. student, UK.
  11. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, 2007, Report Topic: “Demonstration of a Novel Dry Coarse Coal Process,” Current Position: Statistician, CIBA.
  12. Carlos Munoz Dias, 2007, Thesis Topic: “Performance Enhancement Methods for Coal Flotation,” Current Position: Mining Engineer, Cardno-MMA.
  13. Clement Bimpong, 2008, Thesis Topic: “Alternative Materials for Dense Medium Separations,” Current Position: Mine Engineer, Consol Energy.
  14. Akram, Mohammed Zaheer, 2008, Thesis Topic: “Magnetic Fly Ash Applications in Dense Medium Separators.” Current Position: Project Engineer, Newmont Mining.
  15. Duan, Zhaomin, 2012, Thesis Topic: “Stabilization Methods for Coal Processing Waste”, Current Position: Process Engineer, Peabody Energy.
  16.  Dube, Raghav, 2012 Thesis Topic: “Development of Collectors for Oxidized Coals”, Current Position: Process Engineer, Outotec.
  17. Rezaee, Mohammad, 2013, Thesis Topic: “Strategies to Minimize the Release of Toxic Metals from Coal Waste Impoundments,” Current Position: PhD Student, University of Kentucky.
  18. Hassan Amini, 2014, Thesis Topic: “Coal Processing Strategies for Utilization in Silicon Metal Production,” Current Position: PhD Student, West Virginia University.
  19. Majid Mahmoodabadi, 2014, Thesis Topic: “Korean Anthracite Coal Cleaning by Means of Dry and Wet Based Separators,” Current Position: PhD Student, Civil Engineering, University of Kentucky.
  20. Zhang, Yumo, 2015, Thesis Topic: “Pilot Scale Demonstration and Evaluation of Innovative Non-Deslimed Non-Classified Gravity-Fed HM Cyclone,” Current Position: Daniels Company.
  21. Sharma, Shivani, 2016, Thesis Topic: “Techno-Economic Potential of Enhanced Coal Recovery through Middlings Liberation and Re-Processing, “ Current Position: Process Engineer, Imerys.

Six (6) Ph. D. Graduates:

  1. Manoj Mohanty, 1997, Dissertation Topic: “Development of Advanced Techniques for Evaluating Fine Coal Cleanability and Froth Flotation Techniques,” Current Position: Professor, Southern Illinois University.
  2. Ahmet Vedat Ozsever, 2005, Dissertation Topic: “Evaluation of the Selective Detachment Process in Froth Flotation,” Current Position: Assistant Coal Preparation Director, Trinity.
  3. Ghosh, Tathagota, 2013, Dissertation Topic: “Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Dry, Density-Based Separators,” Current Position: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
  4. Mehmet Saracoglu, 2013, Dissertation Topic: “Novel Methods for Improved Flotation Recovery,” Current Position: Technical Advisor, Rethink, Washington D.C. consulting firm.
  5. Mohammad Rezaee, 2015, Dissertation Topic: “Strategies to Minimize the Release of Toxic Metals from Coal Waste Impoundments,” Post-Doctorate, Virginia Tech.
  6. Qingqing Huang, 2016, Dissertation Topic: “Rock Dust Surface Chemistry Modifications for Eliminating Cake Formation and Improving Dispersion in Coal Dust Explosion Mitigation Applications,” Current Position: Post-Doctorate, West Virginia University

Current Graduate Advisees:

  1. Abraham Nj, Ph.D. student, Dissertation Topic: “Development of Chemicals for the Prevention of Spontaneous Coal Combustion,” anticipated graduation date: May 2016.
  2. Zhang, Wencai, Ph.D. Student, Dissertation Topic: RE Mineral Concentration from Coal Using Froth Flotation, anticipated graduation date: May 2017.
  3. Chen, Jinxiang, Ph.D. student, Dissertation Topic: Fundamental Study of the Tribo-Electric Separation Process, anticipated graduation date: May 2017.
  4. Yang, Xinbo, Ph.D. student, Dissertation Topic: Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction for REE Recovery from Coal Sources, anticipated graduation date: May 2018.
  5. Chandra, Alind, Ph.D. student, anticipated graduation date: December 2018.